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June 13, 2010


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andrea m

soooo....feel like taking over Tuesday's beginner class at 11am yet hee hee?? Glad you had a great time and I hope you love your copic goodies


Believe me April, you are extremely easy to be nice to so inviting you to lunch with us was our pleasure. And you were in fact a very gracious celebrity - it was great to mean someone from Scrappin Great Deals - which we all use like zealots. The course was great and I'm looking forward to trying out the techniques -- but better than the course were the people! It was great meeting you and hopefully our paths will cross again.

Stephanie Zito

April you are so sweet!!!! We had such a wonderful time and yes you are definitely a celebrity to us! Thank you so much for joining us for lunch! We will absolutely meet again! I can't wait until we plan a trip to Scrappin Great deals!

Debby Moreau

Hi April!!!! I knew I forgot something, I forgot to get your autograph! Darn it. It was so great to meet you and I sure hope we'll get to venture down your way again soon. Does this mean that you won't drive to Sudbury to have lunch with us again? We'll be in touch.

~ApriL~'re pushing your luck lol!! I'm acutally working at the bank of Tuesday....ugh!

Kirsty, Stephanie and Debbie....I can't wait until you guys take your roadtrip down this way to experience Scrappin' Great Deals in the flesh lol! I will be there for sure to greet you!! And perhaps I will make it to Sudbury one of these days for another lunch time adventure Debby =) Looking forward to staying in touch with all of you!

Jenn Joncas

It was great meeting you April!! Your blog is fabulous!!! I'm looking forward to a trip to London!!

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